Veda McCoy is an International Speaker, Spiritual Coach,  Author, and Vocalist who teaches women entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders to stay spiritually grounded as they grind for greater levels of success. She provides spirit-based tool-kits and strategies, so that they can manage the multiple hats, demands and responsibilities that accompany a life of success.  Clients are empowered to maintain their inner peace by learning to swim with the sharks without becoming one, stay grounded while they grind, and realize their destiny without sacrificing their personal vision or compromising their authentic self.  Veda McCoy is the whole package!  Real, relatable and relevant!  Intelligent and inspirational.  Saved and sassy.  Anointed and approachable.  She cannot wait to help you build a personal spiritual practice that will allow you to be spiritually solid while you soar!   

Pastor Veda's Promise to Clients:
I provide my clients with spiritually based to fortify their faith as they navigate their journey to success while not losing site of their personal priorities or sacrificing their spiritual principles.  I teach strategies to keep my clients grounded while they grind, in order to overcome the personal challenges that often accompany a life of success, in order to maintain their inner peace.  Ultimately, my clients learn to successfully swim with the sharks without becoming one, remaining "spiritually solid" in the ever changing world of entrepreneurship and spiritual leadership.