Veda McCoy is an International Speaker, Spiritual Coach,  Author, and Vocalist who helps women pursue their purpose with passion and power.  Known as "the Purpose Guru" - your PURPOSE PROFICIENCY is Pastor Veda's passion.  

Pastor Veda also teaches how to leverage their purpose into streams of income, generating financial freedom and increasing their capacity to build a legacy of impact and service.  

Veda McCoy is the whole package!  Real, relatable and relevant!  Intelligent and inspirational.  Saved and sassy.  Anointed and approachable.  She cannot wait to help you walk in your purpose - with power and passion - and remain spiritually solid while you soar!   

Pastor Veda's Promise to Clients:
Work with me and discover the GOLDEN PATH for your life. Focus on areas such as purpose discover, purpose mapping, purpose planning, purpose planning and purpose monetization!  I will not only help clients discover their purpose but also work with clients to leverage their purpose to generate an additional stream of income.  As they climb the ladder of success, I also support my clients with spiritually based strategies to stay grounded while they operate in their purpose on purpose.